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    Concrete samples for you to see and touch, created in our concrete shop

VHI Workshops

Three main VHI workshops produce all the magic that goes into creating your dream project: the Millwork Shop, the Counter Top Shop, and the Concrete Shop.

In the planning stages you will decide on many details for your job, for example you will select the cabinet style, color, finish, and any special design details to make it your very own. In addition you will choose the counter tops, first deciding on the finished look that appeals to you, then select the construction material, color, and finishing details. VHI is prepared to help you through this process, ensuring you make choices that will please you for many years to com.

Millwork Shop

Here’s where our skilled workers interpret the designers or architects plans, estimating the amount and kind of wood for your project. We select and purchase our woods from the most reliable sources. Of course, some woods have to be purchased from suppliers  who specialize in exotic woods. However, we try to use woods from sustainable forests, as much as possible in North America. Also, we know that using raw materials from local sources helps our economy and saves you money.

Counter Top Shop

Of course beautiful, custom cabinets deserve the best and most fitting tops. Here we fashion exactly the right top to match your cabinet selection, whether high-end laminate, solid surface such as Wilson Art or Cambria or Corian which we are licensed for. Also, we can obtain nearly any quartz or granite products from our sources. And importantly, we suggest you look at the outstanding, one of a kind products from our Concrete Shop, Concepts in Concrete.

Concrete Shop

Here is where our concrete specialists turn highly modified materials into unique, custom products created to your exacting design specifications and standards. Concrete can be dyed, stained, and molded and made to look like nearly any other surface including wood grain, marble, slate, stone, granite, etc. Visit the Concepts in Concrete website at CinC-Rochester.com. You’ll truly be amazed. Or better yet, just visit VHI and ask to see the concrete shop.