The VHI Process

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What to Expect after You Contact Us

We all like things to run smoothly, stay within budget, and finish on time. For that reason, we have developed a fairly formal process for getting from your initial contact with VHI to finalizing the project and leaving you to enjoy your finished room.

Initial Consultation

This is our opportunity to get to know each other. Here you can share your ideas, dreams, goals, and budget. Our job is mostly to listen so that you can freely explain what you want and to ask us questions. One question is whether you will want a VHI Designer or whether you have an Architect, Designer, or current drawings.

Site Visit and Preliminary Design

We will visit your location to get as much detail as possible to clarify any concerns and to take detailed measurements.

Rough Construction Estimate

Then we will work out a rough construction estimate for time, work and materials. This includes a description for your project based on the dimensions, number of cabinets, size and shape of counter tops, flooring and any unusual circumstances. At this point in the process, we will invite you to our office to submit and explain the rough estimate for your approval. Together, we’ll discuss the details such as the types of counter tops, cabinet materials, etc. which you can select.

Confirmation of Design and Project Estimate

Next we will put together and submit the final design and pricing. We will present the installation estimate, including scheduling, costs, and other details specific to your project. Please be prepared to submit a 50% deposit in order to proceed. Upon deposit and signed contract we will begin production.

Next Step in the Process

VHI will obtain any necessary permits and order necessary materials. Once the materials have arrived, our craftspeople will begin building the cabinets and counter tops and any other items to be built in the VHI workshops. In order to ensure a seamless project flow, it is our policy to schedule work only when we know all the required materials are actually received in Rochester ready to be used in production.

Keeping Things Clean

We will ask you to safely put away all personal items and have the area ready for us to begin the tear out on the start date. Please cover everything that can’t be moved or put away. We will cover all areas that could get dusty or dirty with plastic. At the end of each work day, we will clean the area. After completion, we will leave your house as clean and neat as when we entered, except you will now have a sparkling new area built by VHI Building Specialties, Inc. We want to leave your home as clean as when we started the project, each and every day.