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VHI is Customer Focused – Our Customers are the Best and Deserve Our Best

Every satisfied customer is fundamental to our success. At VHI Building Specialties, everything about a job is special, starting with you, our customers.  We believe you deserve fine cabinets and counter tops designed and built especially for you. And you’re in control, we make them the way you want them. That’s VHI’s business, and we provide exceptional service to back it up.

Who are Our Customers?

We think you are a lot like us. You know you can’t stand out and fit in at the same time. Just as we aim to stand out as quality cabinet makers, we believe you want to stand out as the kind of person who enjoys surrounding yourself with excellence.

You want to work with a company that takes your ideas seriously and respects your input. You enjoy things that are elegant, perhaps a little exotic. We love to help you achieve the differences that reflect your unique personality.

You’ve planned long and worked hard, and you deserve a home with distinction. You have pride and you enjoy wowing your family and friends. VHI is the company that can help make that possible because being Customer Focused means we put you first.

Residence and Business Owners – Single-Source Convenience for You

We can do your entire project – design, build, and install. You don’t have to deal with sub-contractors. We not only build your cabinets and counter tops, we can manage all aspects of your new or remodel job. However if you have a preferred contractor, VHI will work with that company to ensure you get exactly the right cabinets for your project.

Kitchen and Bath Remodelers

VHI is the place to order the quality cabinetry your customers expect. Your business can be our business. Not everyone chooses VHI to do their entire project. Often they have a preferred kitchen or bath remodeler who needs to locate exactly the right cabinets or counter tops for their project. That’s where VHI comes in. We will work with you and your customer to ensure they get the quality cabinets and counter tops they demand and deserve. You can be assured that their project will be exactly right, because we custom build each item.

Please bring your customer in to see the quality of our custom made products, examine the various species and colors of woods, choose among many available styles of hardware, and visit our workshops to see our craftspeople at work.