Custom-Made Cabinetry

  • Custom-made - Quality hardware selection
    Only a few of the quality hardware choices to match your unique cabinets

Custom-Made Cabinets are Just Plain Better 

It’s true, custom-made cabinets are better than factory stock cabinets. When you are thinking of remodeling or creating a new office, kitchen, or bathroom you’ll have many decisions to make. One of the first will likely be between factory stock or custom-made cabinetry. A lot may depend on budget, but in the long-run, custom-made, hand crafted may be the better choice. See the section below, “What About the Cost of Custom-made?

Custom-made hand crafted cabinetry, uniquely designed for you is:

  • Made to order
  • Made to fit
  • Made to please

What Does Custom Handcrafted Really Mean?

Custom-made, hand crafted means STRENGTH, BEAUTY, ENDURING QUALITY, and INDIVIDUAL DESIGN.  Let’s look at some really good reasons for choosing custom hand crafted cabinetry.

Custom-made is Longer Lasting

Solid wood custom cabinets last years longer than factory-made products, which may contain particleboard or other inferior materials. Likewise, our high-end laminates offer superior endurance compared to low-grade laminates you are apt to find in factory stock.

The drawers in our cabinets move smoothly the day they are delivered and for many, many years after. The trim is selected to match your design, either to blend or accent your designed cabinets.

Increases the Value of Your Home

Long-lasting cabinetry will continue to bring value to your home and increase marketability, bringing a higher resale value. Because our cabinetry is hand-made in our own shops, our craftspeople can select exactly the right piece of wood or other material to fit the design of your cabinet. Then they take pride in assembling each cabinet or item so that it fits perfectly into your designed space. And it matches perfectly with all the other cabinets in the room.

Reflects Your personality
It’s unique, individual, just like you. With custom-designed cabinetry, you have input from the beginning so that your cabinets fit perfectly into the style, space, and design of your home. You won’t see your kitchen or bathroom in anyone else’s home or business. See Customer Focused.
Better Quality and Materials
Our cabinets, whether all wood, or high-end laminates, are individually cut and assembled by craftspeople. You’ll be delighted to have your guests open the drawers which move effortlessly every time. You’ll be proud of the strength and perfection of the construction.
Selected Special Features
Enable you to have a perfectly designed and built kitchen, bath, or office with special features just for you. For example, you may need specially designed spaces for storing those out-sized serving dishes for all those great parties you’ll be giving. Or you just may want special features in your new bathroom for convenience and storage. Adding special features for offices is a real bonus because every business has different needs. For example you may need specialty cases for showing off your products or awards.
What About the Cost of Custom-made?
We offer many different species of wood from which you can select. The main cost difference in custom-made cabinetry is the price of the wood you choose. The fabrication process doesn’t change, unless you want highly specialized features as part of your design. We build with the same exacting detail regardless of the choice of wood. We will gladly marry different types of wood together to create unique custom products for you.

Still Not Sure Which Way to Go?

Let us help you through your project design. We’ll listen as you describe your individual wants and needs and help you match each to the design that will satisfy both. Check out the VHI Process. It’s been designed to provide structure to the planning, building, and installation process, yet it’s flexible to meet the individual requirements of every customer’s project.

Give us a call. We’ll give you more information about the choices available to you and help you decide on the best option for your current situation.